Benefits of VoIP

Cost Savings

Conventional business phone service can be quite pricey when you consider the cost of multiple phone lines, additional charges for special features like three-way or conference calling, and the fact that most providers bill business calls by the minute, particularly for long distance.

The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much more affordable than using a conventional phone – some companies report cutting their phone bills in half. After the initial capital investment, this allows your business to allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of the business.

Utilization of existing data services for your phone needs will eliminate your need to administer separate phone and data networks, thus reducing the complexity of your technology infrastructure. Since each has usually has its own equipment and vendors, you’ll likely pay less for ongoing capital investments and support services.

Easy-to-Use Features

By utilizing management portals that are customizable to your business, VoIP provides a simplified interface to administer your communication needs, allowing users

  • to easily forward calls and access voicemails anywhere
  • to attach documents
  • to conduct virtual meetings
  • to share data via video conferencing
  • to integrate software programs, such as e-mail, e-fax, and remote conferencing An increase in mobility assists individuals who are always on the move, especially corporate employees who are required to travel.

Additionally, some VoIP providers’ services include

  • an auto attendant feature, which allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Your business will suddenly seem more professional and impressive. It’s like having an electronic receptionist!
  • coaching tools, so that you can give your employees advice while they’re on a call with a customer. Two features can help you train and monitor your employees’ on-phone performance: barge and whisper. Barge allows you to listen to a conversation between an employee and a client without interrupting. You can alert them — or decide not to. Whisper allows you to provide advice, tips, and information to your employees while they are on the phone with a client without the client being aware.
  • Hold Music options, allowing you to choose what your callers listen to as they wait, so they don’t hang up because the music is driving them crazy.
  • Door phone entry buzzer integration so that you can have a two-way call with visitors and then unlock the door from your phone if you deem them worthy. A great way to upgrade the security of your building.


Using any broadband connection, you can log in to your VoIP telephone, and you will get a dial tone. Regardless of where you are, if you have Internet access, there should not be any problems in terms of costs and connections. VoIP systems are also accessible via email or while you are traveling. Simply take your headset or IP phone, and you can contact staff or clients with a low cost call. VoIP users can take their adapters anywhere, making it possible to hold telephone conversations at venues that offer an Internet connection.

The scalability of the VoIP infrastructure makes it easy to add new components with minimal hassle. You can easily add more line extensions as your business grows.

Increased Productivity

VoIP can integrate with computer software allowing voicemails and faxes to be delivered as emails, calls to be transferred to any location, can be made by a computer to a headset with no need for a handset, and

Avaya estimates businesses can achieve an estimated 15% increase in personal productivity through smarter communication. Via a Sage Research survey, organizations that have deployed IP communications reported the following:

Many VoIP phone numbers can be configured to simultaneously ring on multiple devices–such as your cell and landline phones–before going to voice mail, thus eliminating time-consuming “phone tag.” Or you might have your office phone ring twice, but on the third ring, your cell phone starts to ring, and then on the fifth, your home phone. If the list is exhausted, the caller gets sent to voicemail. In a recent survey conducted by Sage Research, the increased productivity enabled by internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week, per employee.


If you are concerned about losing your phone line if your office loses electricity, don’t worry. We will configure your VoIP service to automatically forward unanswered calls to a cell or landline number.

VoIP technology has also enhanced voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from traditional telephony.