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Who Does Deep Dive Network Solutions Help?

Small and mid-size businesses

We maintain their network and phones while using technology to grow their business.

With Deep Dive managing your network, your business can have improved connectivity, secure remote access, and quality solutions tailored for your needs.

Your website and email services can be hosted by Deep Dive Network Solutions, and your business’ important documents can be saved with off-site data backups for disaster recovery.




 Our Solutions

PrintNetwork Management

Moving? Hiring? New Software? Aging Hardware?

We provide network & server design, implementation, installation, and maintenance for networks of all sizes. What does that mean for you? Take our quiz

Network Monitoring & Maintenance

Is your laptop working slower than you?

We offer monitoring and maintenance to keep your networks running smoothly, so you can work at your speed.

Phone Services

Save Money! We can use your existing internet connection to host your business calls and receive extra features. Find out how to reduce your O&M expenses.


Wish you could work on shared files from home or Starbucks? Worried about hackers stealing your company data?

Let us set up and maintain VPN & firewall services to provide remote access for your team. To get more flexibility in your life, read more.

Business Continuity Planning

Do you feel panicked without your laptop for a day? Imagine if the unfortunate happens. A burglary, a fire or a water pipe bursts, and you lose all your forms, invoices, pictures, music, and projects.

We can back-up your files off-site. For peace of mind, let’s get started on your disaster recovery plan. 


Hosting Services

Are you still using Yahoo or Gmail for your business’ email?

If you’d like to have a more professional presence, Deep Dive Network Solutions can set up business email accounts (you@yourbusiness.com) and host your website (www.yourbusiness.com)