Phone Services

VoIP (Voice over IP)

Allow us to eliminate an additional monthly business expense by utilizing your existing internet connection to host your business calls.

Converting to VoIP has many long-term benefits such as increased savings, portability, flexibility, functionality, boosting productivity, increasing mobility, and enhancing competitiveness

No matter the size of your business, VoIP is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that offers the same sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have.

Benefits of VoIPBusiness Phones VoIP Setup

  • Cost Savings
  • Easy-to-Use Features
  • Flexibility
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reliability

How Does It Work Exactly??

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is described as “the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.”

With VoIP, voice conversations are digitized and broken up into multiple “packets” and moved across a network. They are then reassembled at the destination point to make an audible conversation.

VoIP technology combines and stores data onto one single network. This increases the manageability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity for businesses that need reliable communication.

the costs associated with employee moves, adds and changes–which can cost $100 or more per occurrence–are virtually eliminated. All you have to do is move your IP phone (or traditional phone with a VoIP adapter) to a different broadband network jack and plug it in.

VoIP systems are flexible enough to respond to the needs and changes of your small business, and will improve your business communications and productivity alongside the systems that you and your employees are already using.

Are you an information junkie like us? We’ve provide you a more in-depth look at VoIP benefits.